AURA is proud to introduce new series of T-shirt Printers. This printer is a perfect solution for printing on T-shirts / Panels with Pigment inks. It works on a white base, applied with a serigraphic screen. You can in this way print on both light and dark garments.

The biggest challenge faced by DTG printers is the white ink itself. The white ink always causes problems for printhead clogging and consistency of prints. Also the cost of digital white inks is usually high. The smaller printer available in markets do not give enough production, and the bigger ones are too expensive and complicated to operate. To overcome all these issues; we have come up with “SMART”.

This printer combines the format of screen and digital printing; reducing printing cost and making use of white ink possible by screen. “SMART” uses a special software and sensor technology which makes the registration easy and can print multiple copies without ripping the designs again and again.

Optimal for canvas printing

Main Features:

  • Print on Light / Dark Garments
  • Production: From 80 garments/hour (according to size)
  •  Fine Printing | Brilliant Colours
  • 2X EPSON 5113 Gold generation printheads
  • White / Glitter, etc done by Screen printing
  • Printing width of the printer is 145 CM
  • Standard Printing Table length is 6 Metres (options available for 9,12,15 or 18 meters)
  • Pre-treatment not required
  • White inks are first printed via screen and then CMYK via digital. White ink used is wet on wet
  • Post-treatment: Heat fixing through tunnel heater / heat curing box


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